Scilly 360 Race 2020

26/09/2019 09:50
Details of our September 2020 event
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Following a successful small scale circumnavigation swim event around St Mary’s island in summer 2019, we are nearly ready to open entries for the Scilly 360 Race 2020 which will take place on 12th September 2020!
This will be our 15th swim event and, in line with all previous event from the Scilly Swim Challenge, it will come with our trademark offer :
  • Swimming in a stunning setting and in clear water
  • Second to none on the water and on land support and safety cover from our experienced kayakers, boat handlers, medical team and volunteers
  • The certainty to swim, whatever the weather : we always have a swimmable contingency plan!
  • Friendly atmosphere and camaraderie
  • A chance for supporters to walk along and be part of the event
  • A great after party

What is the SCILLY 360 RACE?

It is a 15km swim all around the island of St Mary’s, broken down into 4 legs of similar distances : 3.5 km, 3.9 km, 4.1 km, 3.5 km
The Scilly 360 Race track - the 4 swim legs around St Mary's Island
  • The race can be swum solo (all four stages) or as part of a relay of 2, 3 or 4 people
    • Solo swim all 4 legs
    • Relays do 1 swim each (4), 2 swims each (2), or divide the legs up as you like (3) - and all team members walk the legs they don’t swim
  • The start and finish points, as well as the starting time of each leg is calculated with the tide (and weather) in mind, so there is a specific window in which to swim each stage. There will be cut off times for each leg and a minimum swim speed of 2.5 km/h is necessary to make the cut off time
  • Each swim leg is timed and the total time is used for the final ranking. Swimmers start each leg altogether. All swimmers have to exit the water at the end of each leg and cannot start until the official start time of the next leg.
  • Because this is a race, swimmers can swim the entire event at their own pace (within the cut of time), and will not be requested to stay in pods as in our Scilly Swim Challenge events. But it is a race, like the London Marathon is a is timed but it is up to you to race it or not.
  • Should a swimmer not meet the maximum swim time they may at the discretion of the race committee be allowed to continue the swim leg but not commence the next leg. If a team member does not complete a swim leg the next swimmer will still be able to swim (at a time indicated by safety staff) but they will not be in the prize category.


Entries for this event will open on Friday 27th of September at 12 noon on our website
The entry price for the Swim Race and the Party is:
  • £130 for an individual
  • £170 for a 2 swimmer relay
  • £210 for a 3 swimmer relay
  • £250 for a 4 swimmer relay


Friday 11 September
  • Registration (Porthmellon Beach, St Marys) : 1430-1700
  • Race briefing and mandatory acclimatisation swim : 17.30-18.30
Saturday 12 September
The swim is expected to start late morning and finish early evening
Sun 13 September
Evening Party on St Mary’s with food for all swimmers and prize giving.
Family and friends are welcome for a charge of £10pp.
(This is also kept as a contingency day for racing).
Event Contingency
Should the planned route not be viable on the 12th of September due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. weather/sea state), we will look to do an alternative but similar distance swim, either missing a segment or using another location. Should the Sunday (13/9) look significantly more favourable, then we would decide to hold the race on the Sunday instead.


Each swimmer will receive a memento of the swim at Prize Giving (on Sun September 13 at the event party).
Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Female Solo
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male Solo
  • 1st Pair
  • 1st Trio
  • 1st Quad

Additional info

  • The minimum age to enter is 16 y old on 12 September 2020
  • Entrants should have experience of open water swimming and have had some sea swimming experience
  • The water temperature in September is expected to be around 15°C. Wetsuits are optional but recommended unless you are acclimatised to swimming long distances skins at 15°C
  • All swimmers should be in a good state of health and be competent swimmers able to swim the distance nominated. Should health issues arise before the event please notify the events team directly, any issues arising during the event dates should be discussed with the Event Medic
Friday, 27 of September, 12 noon, BE READY! See you then!
The Scilly Swim Challenge Team

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