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Tow Donut Orange / Pink

Product Description:

This is a Swim Secure donut tow float co-branded with the Swimquest Holiday logo. Choice of orange or pink. Pick up at the event. - Keep your belongings safe while you swim - Small integrated dry bag ideal for valuables - Dry bag contents accessible whilst swimming - Lightweight - little to no drag - One way valves - Size deflated - 43cm x 35cm - Belt Length - 58cm to 108cm / 23” to 42” The Swim Secure Tow Donut is a highly visible tow float swim buoy with waist strap and an integrated dry bag pouch. The small dry bag sits in the centre of the donut, out of the water, and is perfect for small items such as car keys and phone. The pouch can be opened on the water allowing you to access your drink, gels or other accessories. Pick up at registration in September